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Strip Advisor helps users find information on strip clubs fast and easy.


Strip Advisor helps users find information on strip clubs fast and easy.


Strip Advisor helps ensure your always at a club that offers exactly what you want.


We plan to start beta tests in Las Vegas Strip Clubs and expand soon after that nation wide!


Strip Advisor works directly with Strip Clubs

At Strip Advisor our mission is to connect our clients directly with strip clubs around the country. It is an open secret that strip clubs engage in all sorts of marketing tactics including kickbacks and commissions paid to almost anyone who sends business their way. This includes a wide range of service industry folks such as taxi drivers, limo drivers, rideshare drivers, hotel doorman, bartenders, and club promoters. Just about anyone in the service industry that you run across is potentially taking kickbacks from a strip club for sending them business. At least a portion of exorbitant cover charges patrons pay at the strip club door finds its way into the wallets of those who bring them business. Many trace this practice back to Las Vegas clubs but it has spread across the country as it is an effective marketing tool for the strip clubs. However the practice is not without flaws. In the strip club kickback scheme the club that pays the highest commision will receive the lion's share of recommendations. Patrons have to be leary and extra vigilant as the recommendation from your bellhop, bartender, or Uber driver is bought and paid for. This leads to skewed recommendations and patrons are often sent to strip clubs that are not the best or even the kind of strip club they are looking for. The Strip Advisor system is different and for our clients, a breath of fresh air.

Strip Advisor connects you directly with our partnering strip clubs and we bypass the kickback system entirely allowing us to pass the savings onto our clients. The Strip Advisor national best strip club list is unique in that it is unbiased, honest, and not influenced by strip club kickbacks or what club is offering the biggest payout. All of our partnering clubs have been vetted for quality, service, and overall experience. If a strip club does not meet our standards, has a bad reputation, or is subpar in entertainment or service; it simply does not make the best strip club list. We strive to keep out list informative and honest and refuse to accept payment or bribes from clubs seeking to be listed. At Strip Advisor your amazing strip club experience is our passion.




Strip Advisor Reservations & Packages

At we connect you directly to strip clubs around the country. Our unique relationship with strip clubs nationwide allows us to provide our clients unbeatable deals on cover charges, transportation, and club packages. The package deals we offer are often better than what the clubs list themselves. If you are fortunate enough to know someone inside the club who owes you a comp bottle and will take care of you and your party then you are ahead of the curve and you have us beat. For everyone else looking for a great deal and a reservation, you’re not going to find better prices or a reservation system that is easier to use. Our proprietary reservation system does not function like a “VIP concierge” service and we do not participate in the 3rd party “VIP host” game. Hosting companies that offer concierge services usually do what they claim they will and do provide you with a 3rd party host, unaffiliated with the club you have reservations with. The host will walk you into the club, sit at your table, drink your drinks, and all at highly inflated prices. Most of the time they will expect a tip as well. Some people like the assurance that hosting companies provide and find that these services add value to their club experience. For many others and our clients included, these hosting services represent nothing more than an unnecessary middleman and ultimately result in higher prices. Our reservation system is different by design and connects our clients directly with the strip club of their choice. When our clients save money by making strip club reservations they subsequently have more money to spend at the strip club on drinks and dances. At Strip Advisor we are of the firm belief this is how it should be! We proudly invite you to browse our nationwide best strip clubs list and make your reservation today. We love our strip clubs, we love our clients, and we love saving our clients money.

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